A Short Trip to Siliguri,WB

I have been away for a while and with all the hustle and bustle in life,couldn’t keep up with blog post on our site.

So,I got a few days off from my schedule and guess what? I just booked a ticket to my hometown and Aloha Siliguri,West Bengal.

About Siliguri : Its in West Bengal(North),India also referred to ‘chicken neck’ as it resembles one and also it connects Bhutan,Nepal,Bangladesh and also the whole North-East India.You may also call it gateway to North East India.
Yes it is about 50 kms away from Darjeeling.Ah! Darjeeling Tea,does that ring a bell?

Yeah,you might as well know how good the weather is and also the people there.

Well,coming back to the point.I just went out there to enjoy the cool weather and to escape the humid/hot/boiling temperature and weather of Kolkata,West Bengal and to meet up with old friends and make new ones 🙂 .

I extended my stay from 3 to 5 days,I was loving every bit of time I was spending there.Shot different models for their portfolio.Putting up some of the images from the shoot,hope you guys will like them.Will upload the whole album after few days after am done with Post-Processing.

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