Beginners Guide to Planning Your Dream Indian Wedding (2018)

What Are the First Things to Do When Planning Your Dream Indian Wedding?

Well, first of all, congratulations on your big day and hope you have finalized your wedding day.

So, the first thing and the easiest thing that you can do is obviously hire a wedding planner and give him all the money, give him all that you want, give him every other detail and you can just relax.

But it typically doesn’t happen, because it’s an event for a lifetime. So you want everything to be perfect and especially Indian weddings will never go according to plan because I have witnessed around 50-plus Indian Weddings and I have yet to see a wedding where everything has gone according to the schedule.

So you cannot be 100% accurate with everything but you can be at least 90% accurate. So I’ll be talking about Hindu weddings because there are typically few dates in every year when you get ‘Mohrat’, the time when you can get married.

Checking the Venue

wedding venue photography kolkata siliguri

The first thing, before finalizing a date you need to check with your banquet hall or venue, these locations are booked even three years in advance.

So if you are not doing a destination wedding, just go around in your city or wherever you are looking to get married, just have a look at the venue.

I would suggest you go twice, one when it’s completely empty and there is no event happening over there and the cond visit will be when there is an actual wedding that is occurring in that venue. Just go there, have a look how it looks when it’s all decorated and everything.

After finalizing your venue, confirm the rates and timings etc, because these rates are always negotiable, this is point number one.

Finalizing decorator

Number two is wedding venues that will always try to push their vendors to you because they will be getting a commission from them whatsoever, they also have their own decorators and everything and it is quite mandatory so you have to clear it out.

Neither you want these hidden things to bother you, later on, so finalize your decorator. You need to contact the decorators that you want to have a word with, see what they can do and see how they do it, they will show you few images and most of the times they will show you images from the internet that is quite dubious but you have to be very careful.

Ask for pictures of the events these decorators have already covered as assurance.

You need to have very specific ideas of what you want for ideas I would strongly suggest you to check Pinterest.

Go to Pinterest, check out everything related to weddings like Indian, Christian weddings, Hindu weddings, Muslim weddings any type of weddings. You can get a lot of ideas from Pinterest

When you pick your decorator, be clear with them.

Lighting is very important because we have covered a lot of weddings where there was no light in those weddings, it’s was a huge wedding but the lighting was horrible.

You have to ask the decorator about lighting as it is very important and you have to ask your wedding photographer as well.

Maybe a warm or a tungsten light can be useful, don’t use a mixture of pink, green, blue. Don’t do that you don’t want to look like the Avatar.

The LED parts that we use is fine if they are using it elsewhere but not in the Mandap.

Take care of the food.

indian wedding food cake kolkata photographer

Third, food is very important.

Some venues will have their mandatory compulsory caterers for you but if you have an option then obviously choose the best. Ask for a food sample so you can just taste and have a look and tell them that this is what you are expecting.

Choosing the right photographer

Next thing is your photographer and cinematographer, this is very important because if you mess up in choosing your wedding photographer and wedding cinematographer this is going to haunt you for the rest of your life.

You want your wedding captured by the best and someone in your budget. Because years later everything will be gone, the only thing that will remain is the images and the videos of that day, the memories. So, you have to be very careful about using your wedding photographer.

I have made a video explaining how to choose a wedding photographer and what questions you must and you should ask your wedding photographer while choosing them or before confirming them. So, first you will search on Google and you will find a lot of options or search on Facebook and you’ll find even more option.

There are lots of websites where you can find many wedding photographers there and obviously, Google will give you an organic search where you can find the top wedding photographers of your city SEO ranked number one number two photographers their wedding photographers in your city.

The best thing is just to go through their galleries their sample book and make sure that your wedding photographer if they are legitimate and they are doing full time they will have a website.

You need to be very careful.

Take a look at their website and you need to check all the images that they have taken or maybe two full weddings, go through them and I strongly suggest you because if they are not willing to show you, then you can ask for other samples of their work.

I have mentioned in a second video in a different video you must go through that video so you will have an idea what to expect and what questions to ask your photographer.

The most important thing, go to their studio go to their office, before confirming them.

Some people cheat you, there is no paperwork of the agreements, it’s the only word of mouth and it costs you money when they disappear.

Ask for paperwork/contract:

A legal agreement.

l leave a link here for a sample contract, so when you’re booking your wedding photographer, you can ask them and tell them the terms and conditions. It’s important to have a written agreement

Select proper wedding dress

Indian wedding dress photography kolkata siliguri

Next is your wedding dress so typically you need to select proper dress accordingly and go around and ask for references from your friends who have recently got married and you will find a lot of boutiques and lot of personalized designers fashion designers who are doing this

You can either buy yourself a wedding dress or rent one for your pre-wedding photo-shoot.

Explore with your skin, your makeup, and your dresses first. Everyone’s skin is different. Take a trial run with your make up artist to get your makeup right and perfect. You want to also see if the makeup compliments your wedding dress. It’s important not to overdo or under-do things.

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