BenQ SW2700PT – Quality doesn’t come cheap.

sw2700pt-review-axis-images-kolkata-wedding-photographer-benq-official-1REVIEW FOR BENQ SW2700PT WQHD IPS MONITOR


Hi friends, myself Amborish Nath, founder of Axis Images, Kolkata, India. I hope you all are doing great. I am here to put up a review of the new BENQ SW2700 PT  WQHD IPS monitor. The cost of the monitor in India is priced at Rs. 75000, which is out of reach for most average Indian customers.


When the monitor was unpacked I was really amazed by its outer appearance. The surface looks very attractive as it’s neither too glossy nor too matte. So, there is no chance of light bleeding.


The monitor like any other monitor can be tilted or rotated, but what makes this monitor exceptionally amazing is that it can be rotated up to 90 degrees. Now this is a latest spectacular feature launched by BENQ.


It has 2 inbuilt USB 3.0 port on its left and a mini display port of USB 3.0 half, which is a rare option in these kind of monitors. There is also an SD card reader for convenience in connecting hard drives and memory cards. However, this edition doesn’t support your old DVI cables from old full HD monitors.


The monitor has huge screen estate when you’re opting for 25” monitors. Now this feature helps in providing huge workspace area. If I want I can also view the screen from a distance instead of sitting right in front of it. The display of this monitor generally falls between 4k display and full HD display (1080p). It is also easy switch between adobe RGB, SRGB, & Black & White.

sw2700pt-review-axis-images-kolkata-wedding-photographer-benq-official-4The onscreen display or the menu is placed in the bottom of the screen and these are quite easy to access. The first button or the preset modes are used to go to the options like multimedia, movie and games. The second button or the input source allows you to choose the ports. The third button is used for adjusting the color, contrast, brightness etc. Now these buttons don’t work all the time and sometimes we get stuck in the middle of something while operating it through the buttons. Then comes the power button which too doesn’t work that well. It takes as much time as 2-3 minutes to start or switch off the monitor. This is a big drawback in this BENQ edition. Again too many physical buttons and menu might be problematic for the first-timers.


Then comes the light phenomena, which is the most important aspect of any monitor. The color accuracy is top notch and the panel exhibits uniform brightness and contrast that IPS panels are known for. For photographers and videographers like me this edition of BENQ monitor is a blessing as it has the 100% capacity for RGB coverage. This is an essential feature for editing, video editing and graphic designing. It has the accuracy, the resolution and connectivity one needs to view their photos.

sw2700pt-review-axis-images-kolkata-wedding-photographer-benq-official-5Although I have mainly provided a positive review of the BENQ monitor there are certain characteristics of these monitors, which are not up to the mark. Waking up takes few seconds, also the boot screen color is too brilliant. Then again it’s a big monitor and hence the weight factor cannot be denied. The most disappointing is the lump sum monetary factor. Moreover, apart from all these the real headache is that the edition is not well known in India and thus after sales service might be of great concern.

sw2700pt-review-axis-images-kolkata-wedding-photographer-benq-official-6Before rounding up my review I would like to mention that excluding these drawbacks the monitor is absolutely incredible. The picture quality is astounding and this amazing picture quality is a never seen before component in any other monitor to me. The resolution is fantastic. Hence, I feel you’ll take right choice by spending a moolah on this BENQ BenQ SW2700PT Monitor.


I hope you have all enjoyed my review. So to know me about your experience you can always write in the comment section below. And if you are at par with my review hit the like button. See you next time till then have a nice day.





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