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A friend of mine who recently ventured into flash photography and came across  various light sources and modifiers and asked me for a simple strobist setup which is portable,easy to use and assemble. While he searched over the Internet about strobes, speedlite and various light modifiers, which are available in market. He was confused about what and how to use them. I showed him a simple yet effective set up, which is portable, reliable and affordable (less than Rs 4000 or approx 70 $) and let me show you a sample images which I took using the same setup.

2048 (11)-1 2048 (9)-2  2048 (14)-7

Let me show you how you can do the same.

Equipment’s required for this simple strobist setup:

Axis Images strobist setup for portrait wedding (5)


Axis Images strobist setup for portrait wedding (4)

Remote Trigger (to trigger Speedlight)

Axis Images strobist setup for portrait wedding (6)

Light stand with umbrella/Speedlight holder

Axis Images strobist setup for portrait wedding (7)

Umbrella (either or shoot through/reflective umbrella or a light modifier, umbrella is cheap and easier to replace)

So whats the damage?

Speedlight (Rs 1800, Digitek), Remote Trigger (Rs 1500, Simpex or Digitek else you can use another Speedlight on-camera to trigger the main Speedlight by putting in in Slave mode), light stand (Rs 700 including umbrella/Speedlight mount), Umbrella (Rs 150 for both shoot through and reflective).

Axis Images strobist setup for portrait wedding (1)  Axis Images strobist setup for portrait wedding (9)

Attach the receiver with speedlight and attach it with light stand,mount trigger on camera.

Regarding camera settings,I would suggest you to start from

Flash Power: 1/32 power

Shutter Speed : 1/200 (it will cut out ambient light,if you want to keep ambient light lower shutter speed to 1/100~1/80)

Aperture : for dreamy,soft images start from f1.8~2.0 ( on 50mm 1.8) else from lowest f-stop of your lens(4~5.6)

ISO : Start from ISO 100 and increase if you need to more light sensitivity for crop sensor I suggest you to keep it under ISO 800.

Axis Images strobist setup for portrait wedding (2)

Keep the direction of light towards your subject at around 45 degrees and make sure to move your light when your subject moves.


Adjust your aperture to reduce or increase the amount of light coming into your camera,increase your ISO or Flash Power if changing your aperture isn’t yielding good results.

You can also mount multiple speedlights for more powerful light(required to overpower sunlight during mid-day shoots)

Here you go,a simple yet practical and effective lighting setup for beginners and for professionals who need a portable yet effective strobe setup for location shoots.This lighting setup can also be used as fill light for outdoor shoots.


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