What are Facebook Images?

We all get excited to see how our photos came up after the event and desperately want to share with our friends,family and the world.At Axis Images we respect our clients feelings and thus we have come with the idea of ‘Facebook Images‘ which are Professionally Processed images from the event which are delivered to our client within 48 hours.We deliver around 10-15 Facebook Images to our clients after the event.

Do you charge for travel?

No,travel charges are included in all of our packages. Regarding accommodation,we request our clients who are more knowledgeable about the location let us help with accommodation.Not applicable on Classic Wedding Photography Package.

Do you provide in-person consultation?

Yes,we provide in-person consultation in Kolkata,we interact with our clients via skype if in-person interaction is not possible.

Our Family Photographer will covering our event, will it be okay with you?

We believe having a single team taking care of the entire wedding documentation is the right approach. We had bitter experiences in past where our work had been affected by other teams involved in the wedding. We reject a project in case there is any other team involved where we know what we cannot do justice to the story in such weddings.

None of your Wedding Packages fits my schedule,can you make one for me?

Of course we can,let us know your requirements including which package you would like to get customised for you.

Do you provide Retouching?

Yes,our sister company Retouch 74  provides quality retouching services and can be availed at extra charges.

Why should we choose you?

Having Axis Images to cover your wedding is a very soothing and special experience.You can lay back and enjoy while we capture those unforgettable moments which stays forever.
Each of our work is unique and one of a kind,our clients trust us with that.
We provide quality services to our clientele,by providing them value for money with our services and products,swift delivery of images/products to our clients and any complaints or queries are resolved within 48 hours.

What is the payment for Wedding and Portraiture?

For wedding,it is 50% as booking advance/retainer and 45% on the day of event and rest before deliverables are shipped to your address.

For Portraiture/Portfolio,100% of the package chosen during shoot.

How far in advance should clients book your services?

It’s better to book us at-least 8-12 months prior of the event(wedding).

For other offerings(Portraiture/Portfolio),it depends on our schedule.

Do you retain the copyright for the photos?

Yes,we own the copyright of the images and cannot used by our clients for any commercial/editorial purposes without our written permission.

What is your cancellation policy?

For Wedding,100% of the booking advance payment is non-refundable if cancelled because we have to book the dates for you and if you cancel then we lose work,which has to be compensated.

For Portraiture/Portfolio,50% of the advance payment is non-refundable if cancelled .

Do you provide Videography?

We only provide photography services,if videography is required by our client.We can arrange for it and charges for Photography and Videography will be separately quoted.We are not liable for the quality and duration of videography.

What is Photo-booth and why do I need it?

During any wedding,guests often ask photographers to take their group shots which disrupts the flow of photographer and he will miss many moments which are priceless.So to avoid that we are offering Photobooth,where guests can have their photos(individual,group shots) taken and it will be displayed to them instantly.Your guests will leave with a piece of art and memory in their hands.

Can I have RAW files of photos ?

No,quality is paramount to us thus we don’t give out RAW files.Photos will be edited and converted from RAW to JPEG , final images will be delivered on a Custom Made Pen Drive.

Are your charges fixed or negotiable?

We believe creative,artistic and premium services/products aren’t negotiable and its goes for our charges as well.We offer our clients with the best pricing,although further rebates can be availed if amount is paid in cash.

Why do I have to pay 50% advance for wedding?

When our client book us for their wedding,we have to take care of many expenses like air tickets,photobook,assistants,renting hardware and equipments if required which requires money.
If you can’t trust us with the money,how can trust us with your wedding? 🙂

Do you have any Contract and Terms & Conditions?

Yes,we work on basis of a contract where all the details are mentioned including terms and conditions.

Your mode of travel?

Within Bengal,we don’t mind travelling by railway (2AC Minimum).Beyond we prefer air travel as it saves time and energy.
Booking us before 6-8 months of event will be the best option for you as air fares are reasonable and comparable to railway fares.

I don’t want photos from my event to be used anywhere,what shall be done?

We need photos to promote our work and services,we will charge extra for this service which will be quoted in your package.

Can I know your payment methods?

You can pay via cash,cheque,paypal and bank/wire transfer.

What equipments do you use?

We use Premium Canon DSLR’s and lenses,in any event we usually take 3-4 DSLR’s and multiple lenses which guarantees that none of the priceless moments will be missed.