Ranjeeta + Athreya ‘s Cross – Cultural Fairytale Wedding

Ranjeeta +Athreya ‘s cross – cultural fairytale wedding definitely set a simple yet sassy statement.

Love know no boundaries and this is absolutely true in the case of Ranjeeta, a graphic designer from Odisha and Athreya, another graphic designer from Tamil Nadu.


Little did they know that by setting foot in Bangalore, they would find their soul mates in each other.The ‘haldi’ ceremony was an intimate affair, where only Ranjeeta’s immediate family was present. Ranjeeta was glowing with the ‘haldi’ on her skin. The father – daughter camaraderie during the ‘haldi’ was worth watching. The little girl in that pink frock who couldn’t stop cuddling with the bride, was surely the show-stealer.

The 2-states flavoured wedding took place at a posh, Mayfair Hotel,Rourkela, Odisha.

In this Arya Samaj wedding both Tamil as well as traditional¬†Oriya rituals were followed. The non-idolatry marriage happened during the day amidst close knitted family members. The couple chanted mantras in a comprehensible and simple language. Unlike any lavish big-fat Indian wedding, this was an effortlessly elegant affair which showcased minimalist yet tasteful graphic detailings. One cannot skip the ‘flower-power’ of Tamilian decors. The floral arrangements consisting of marigolds, tuberose sticks, jasmines transformed the venue into a paradisal garden.

The November wedding saw a radiant red saree clad Ranjeeta whereas Athreya donned a mustard colored kurta and dhoti. The ‘gajra’ hairstyle and the intricate henna design on Ranjeeta enhanced her beauty further.

The entire ceremony was a gleeful affair with lots of ‘say-cheese’ moments and absolutely adorable candids.

Rourkela, the steel city of India,known for the SAIL, obviously couldn’t remain steel hearted while witnessing the joyous union of these pure souls.

Axis Images was immensely pleased to be a part of this East meets South amalgamation.

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