Shivam & Namrata’s Grand Punjabi Wedding in Kolkata,India

Shivam & Namrata’s Grand Punjabi Wedding in Kolkata, India.

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If you think weddings are a quiet and somber event, then you obviously haven’t been to a Punjabi wedding in Kolkata.

Loud, loving and full of life, it’s on a whole different level. From singing Punjabi songs to dancing to bhangra till morning, you will not be disappointed.  

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One such wedding happened right here in the city of joy we call Kolkata. Leaving no stone unturned, Namrata and Shivam’s wedding in Kolkata was a fun and lavish affair complete with DJ and a Punjabi band to awesome lip-smacking food and we at Axis Images have captured it all.

Our expert wedding photographers recorded this union over two days starting with the bachelor’s party.  Bachelor’s party is that one night when everyone can let their hair down and enjoy the party. Held at Sisha, Kolkata, the bride and groom rocked it out on the dance floor with both their families.  Not just adults, but kids present showed some killer moves on the dance floor. Look at this adorable little guy dressed in his nines.

The dashing groom looked like a prince in a royal blue tuxedo and a black bow tie. The princess to his prince, the bride looked regal in a rose pink gown and tiara to match. They set new standards for lovers all over when they swayed to a romantic song and their cuteness made the crowd fawn all over the blushing couple.

The Haldi ceremony marks the beginning of the wedding rituals as in Indian weddings, Haldi is considered auspicious as it signifies purity and good health. It also gives the skin a healthy glow ensuring the couple look ready and refreshed for the wedding.

The second day began with the Haldi ceremony at South city Residence, the lovely couple preparing for the day ahead. Both Namrata and Shivam were in separate rooms as according to tradition, the bride and groom cannot see each other before the wedding. As an important pre-wedding ceremony, Haldi was applied to both by their families as blessings because yellow color is also associated with new beginnings and peace and prosperity.

A look at the beautiful bride getting ready looking beautiful decked in jewelry and the groom having his Pagdi tied.

The Baarat arrives with dhol and Punjabi baarat. This is one the most iconic moment as Shivam rides on a horse while everyone is dancing on their way to the wedding hall in the Park Plaza in Kolkata.

Namrata looks splendid as she arrives with her family members in tow.     

And the grand Kolkata wedding begins! As the Pundit reads mantras, the lovely couple sits together and complete all the wedding rites. Shivam applies sindoor on Namrata’s forehead and clasps a Mangalsutra around her neck.

They take Saat Pheras to exchange vows to love, cherish and be with each other for all their lives.

The bride looks amazing in her Red Lehenga and the groom looks dashing in his cream and maroon Sherwani. Now is the time for Vidaai as the married couple asks for blessings. The bride cries as it the time to leave her family and everyone behind. Now no longer under the shade of her parents, she will live with her husband and a new family. The Punjabi Munda and Kudi look like royalty as they pose for the first time as husband and wife.

Shivam and Namrata had the wedding in Kolkata of their dreams and now they will enter a new phase of their life always remembering these moments. Contact us if you want us to document the best days of your life.

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