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This is often where, miscommunication takes place and to avoid this, we have made a list of question for you to ask your photographer before finalising.

  • How big is your team?
  • Do you have separate team for photography and cinematography?
  • How many weddings do you do in a year? ( You dont mass produced content right?)
  • Will you be hiring freelancers for my wedding event?
  • What equipments will you be using? Are those your’s or you’ll be renting them for our wedding (not a big deal but its important)
  • Do you have a trade license?
  • Do you have a contract before we finalise?
  • Conveyance and accommodation will be taken care by you or us?
  • Is there any hidden charges?
  • Will there be any additional charges if the event extends beyond midnight?
  • Can I know your schedule before you cover our wedding (this is important)
  • How long have you been in this business?
  • Mitigation plan do you have if anyone of you fall sick before/during wedding
  • What mitigation plans do you have if your equipments malfunction during the event?
  • Different kinds of album design will be included? Some people charge extra after event is over.

Kindly do keep in mind, some photographers will always say ‘haanji sab ho jayega, koi tension nahi hai!’ is a sign of worry.

List of things which should be clarified with your wedding photographer before confirmation :

  • Should they stress more on candid shots or traditional/group shots.
  • Style of photography and cinematography you’re looking for
  • Preference of music for video/film
  • Mode of payment and amount to be paid.
  • Rough schedule and how coverage needs to be done.
  • Introduce them with another family member/friend who can assist them in your absence
  • Share your ideas about photography/cinematography and poses for your wedding/pre-wedding day.

Do remember to check at least 2–3 full wedding galleries and videos to confirm consistency of quality of work.
Most of the wedding teams use freelancers to help them cover their wedding and there might some discrepancies in quality which might lead you into getting unsatisfactory results.

So here you go now you’re all set to choose the right photographer for your big day.

Congratulations and enjoy your big day.

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