Do You Need Raw Images? What Are They? Should You Bother?

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Today we will discuss Raw images and do you really need them?

You might have heard of this term “RAW IMAGES” while searching for a wedding photographer for your big day.

It might be confusing, right? Well, not anymore!

RAW IMAGES are nothing but just another format of images which photographers might refer to out of the camera images which are not edited or has gone through post-processing.
Technically it is just another term for Uncompressed images which photographers take to give them flexibility during post-processing and this format has helped, including truly yours in salvaging many memorable and great shots from being scrapped.

This version of RAW Images isn’t particularly useful for brides and groom unless they know about post processing by themselves.
It’s like asking the chef for the vegetable to cook your own food if you don’t know how to cook in the first place.

During an event or wedding ceremony, photographers usually take a lot of images to cover each aspect of the wedding and avoid missing out any moment and really becomes a mammoth task to sort out the best and usable images after the event is over.
Typically we had in past got few requests where clients ask for RAW IMAGES without knowing much details what it is and whether it is really required for them to have.

First of all, RAW Images comes in different formats depending on what brand of camera your photographer is using to cover your wedding.

Here’s a list of extension of Raw images from the different brand of camera manufacturers:

Canon: CR2
Nikon: NEF
Sony: ARW

To access and view these images you need to have google Picasa installed on your computer and these cannot be directly viewed on your mobile device.
If these terms look alien to you then you should probably let your photographer choose the best images from your wedding day and if you’re still not convinced and want all the images taken on that day.
Then request your photographer to convert them into JPEG and provide them to you, which can be viewed on any computer or mobile device without any conversion.

But make sure to ask your photographer, if you’re booking a budgeted or a local studio photographer whether they will take photos in RAW Format. If their answer is not YES or less satisfactory then we would strongly suggest you go looking for other option as we don’t want your wedding to turn into another horror story with bad quality images and videos which will ruin your memories and haunt you and your families for 2-3 generations.

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