Shoot with Rajiv

So while browsing our Facebook page we got a message from Rajiv and we started starting discussing about what we do and where we are located in Kolkata.
About Rajiv, he’s an IT professional working for CTS,Salt Lake. He graduated from St. Xavier’s College,Kolkata and is an avid traveller and loves modelling. He was based in Bostob,MA for couple of years and  got lot of exposure to modelling out there, you can check out his Facebook fanpage for further details or if you want to connect with him.

So coming back to our shoot with Rajiv, after having a long conversation we setup a date for our shoot but due to some issues we weren’t able to conduct a photoshoot and we decided to shoot the next week.

For this shoot we tried to capture his awesome personality and physique, and below are some of the photos from the shoot.

Shoot with Rajiv
Shoot with Rajiv

The lighting setup was really simple,we used a strobe with rectangular softbox and speedlights for rim light.All images were shot on Canon 600D with Tamron 17-50 f2.8.

It was really nice to work Rajiv,he’s humble and was really easy to work with him. We wish him luck for his future endeavors .

More photos coming up.

So if you’re interested to work/shoot with us,call us at +91-9836485364 or send us an email.

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