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How To Verify The Credibility Of A Wedding Photographer


Many clients get cheated by their employees or freelancers because, as clients they are not aware how to verify a person’s professional capability. Now, we will discuss various aspects which will help the clients to get to know about a person’s (say wedding photographer’s) credibility before hiring and will also help wedding photographers to be aware of the steps to be taken care of for running a legal business. Let’s dive right into it.

In India, after the implementation of GST, you would have noticed a number mentioned along with the company’s other details in stores, shops in malls etc. All legal companies have a number which is called as the GST Number to prove their authenticity in their field of business. It is not mandatory for everyone to have a GST Number but in case of wedding photographer, he or she must have a GST number and also have Trade License to showcase that he is running an authentic business. Whether the place of business is in home or malls or stores he must have a Trade License as a proof that the business run by him is a legal one.

Merely opening a Facebook page on the company’s name or having a website for the company does not constitute the company as a legal entity as the owner of the company cannot send bills or receive money in the name of the company unless he or she has done proper legal documentation for the business. So before hiring a wedding photographer, verify the GST number mentioned in the office with its company name and check whether the wedding photographer possesses the Trade Licence received from local governing authority. These are the main legal documentation to be verified to ensure authenticity of the wedding photographer.

Typically there are many newbie photographers and photographers who pursue photography as only a hobby, in such cases their work may or may not be authentic. Mostly clients meet the wedding photographer in mall or coffee shop or any random public place and are not aware where the photographer resides or where is his or her office located thus not having an option to contact the photographer in case of need. Hence most offline business is trusted upon by the customers as they know the store’s physical location and can contact them directly in case of queries related to product or service the business offers. So as a client always try to visit the photographer’s office or home office to ensure that he or she is genuine and the added advantage of visiting the office is also that you will get to know the GST number and can also verify if the photographer has proper Trade License.

There are clients who see 4 to 5 pictures posted on Facebook, 2 videos posted on YouTube by the wedding photographer and get impressed by the work posted and try to book the photographer for an event. But this is not the right way of selecting a wedding photographer. Always make sure to ask the wedding photographer to show full gallery of work done of at least 2-3 weddings recently. Inspect the work in detail to check the quality of work they provide.

There are also cases where the photographers post the pictures taken of the models as wedding photography and since models are professionals in posing, the pictures would be of good quality but you will not know how the photographer works with the real life couple who are not familiar with posing or may be uncomfortable in front of camera. You must assess the real life wedding photos taken by the photographer in order to get a rough idea about the work you could expect from him or her for your event.

If possible do meet the team of photographers who would be working on the wedding day. Suppose you have met the owner of the business or the chief photographer, try to meet cinematographer, editor in order to communicate your expectations to the concerned person clearly by showing some sample work you would expect.

You can also check the testimonials given by the photographer’s past clients regarding their work on the business website or any other online platforms. Read both the positive and negative reviews. And if you come across some specific negative review, you can inquire the photographer about the problem the past client had and can assess the photographer’s work by the way he or she explains or justifies the problem and what the photographer had done to solve the problem.

Also be aware of the fake positive reviews which would be given by the photographer’s own friends or family and do not judge the photographer’s work based on such reviews.

Discuss the terms of payment and delivery beforehand as there are ton of cases where clients have not received the complete work from the photographer in spite of paying the amount in full. Have a legal written agreement stating the terms in clear manner. Break up the amount to be paid, such as certain percentage of amount to be paid as advance, certain percentage of amount to be paid on the wedding day and the rest would be paid on the delivery of the work, in order to avoid clash between two parties.

In today’s era, verbal agreement does not hold any value, hence always have a written agreement signed between the two parties stating all the terms and condition in a clear manner.

Anyone can claim to be a professional photographer without any knowledge or experience in the field and can also create fake social profiles in the name of the company as it is not a big deal nowadays. Hence, the verification of the company and wedding photographers by the clients has become an important stage before hiring the photographer.

These were the few aspects which every client must take care of and every photographer must also ensure that he has all the legal documentation required as a proof for his professional credibility and for his business entity.


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