40 Minutes on Your Wedding Day Can Create the Best Images of Your Life

So you are all set for your big wedding day? Looking for useful tips to make your big day even bigger?
Then this article will be useful to you.

We all adore and love those Bollywood-style images taken on the wedding day but if you ask you wedded friends whether they were able to take out time for the same? You would be surprised that sparing 10 mins for taking those great images are nearly impossible in the midst of wedding day chaos.

So what is the solution? You don’t want to miss out these wedding images for a lifetime opportunity?

Well, all you need is 40 minutes.

Yes, you read it right- you only need 40 minutes to get those beautiful wedding images captured which you will cherish for a lifetime.

You must have seen the hilarious parody video by AIB covering an Indian traditional wedding, well some of it is true regarding posing for wedding images.
You have to be comfortable in your wedding dress and of course stressfree to give those authentic emotions which will make those images memorable and beautiful.

You can check out some sample images from this Pinterest board which will help you make out your own style of poses and props to help you get those beautiful images.

You need to be clear with your wedding photographer regarding the same and share some of the images for reference so there won’t be any confusion on the wedding day. This is a very important part of the same.

Do ask your wedding photographer to find out a place for the photo shoot session in advance and make sure you ask your friends and brothers to keep away wedding guest you don’t want them to surround you and make you feel awkward. Not many are comfortable in front of an audience which posing for a photo.

Last but not the least, don’t worry about anything and keep your mind clear/ stress-free when you are going for those 40 mins of a blissful photo shoot with your better half.

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