Why is becoming a Professional Wedding Photographer so hard in India?

It has become quite tough to become a professional photographer and make a living from the same due to a massive upsurge in the population of ‘professional photographers’ and lack of trust among public due to fraud and lack of professionalism.

It has become quite easy for anyone to pick up a camera and start their photography page on social media and sponsoring posts to get paying clients who are not aware of verifying the quality and professionalism of a professional photographer.

Many platforms have come up in past few years(and gone away as well) where anyone can pay their way up to their listing where clients are availing their services where these platforms are neither verifying photographers quality of work or taking responsibility for the same.

There have been many horror stories going around the internet where newly wedding bride and grooms had their big day ruined just because they didn’t verify the quality of content/photos or just looking for a cheaper option while searching for their wedding photographer.

I have written extensively on how to plan your Indian wedding and Indian Wedding Photographer which sheds light on these important issues.

As there’s a lack of a governing body which regulates or certifies a photographer, it is quite hard to distinguish between a dedicated photographer and a part-time casual hobbyist.

When you are looking for something one-of, kindly understand that photography irrespective of people might call it – photowala,chobiwala.

Is a marriage of creativity and engineering which a photographer has to master before charging a single penny for the same.Although I must stress that no each photographer is suitable for every bride and groom out there as their style and taste vary widely.

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From our Indian POV, a typical photographer is a school dropout who is unable to earn his bread by doing any job/business hence they open up a small studio to take passport size photographs.

Whereas many highly educated folks are getting into this field while following their passion in this creative field.

Although this mentality will take 1–2 generations to accept and adapt photography as a respectable profession.

I would strongly suggest each and every bridegrooms to thoroughly look at your photographer’s portfolio and understand their style and taste.

Don’t just book anyone with the lowest bid, you never know what you might get as an outcome – Nano instead of a Merc might haunt you forever.

For aspiring photographers – practice, practice, and practice and make sure you can deliver what you promise before you charge your clients.

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