Why Wedding Photography & Cinematography Is An Investment Than A Service

why wedding photography is expensive in india

Ever wondered if you wedding pictures came out like this?

best wedding photography kolkata india

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Would you like your 3 generations (yours, parents & kids) to have this nostalgic feeling when they go through your wedding images?

If no, then read on – you might learn about why wedding photography and cinematography is an investment than a service.

While you’re working your way around to select your wedding photographer or cinematographer, you will come across 10’s if not 100’s of photographers to choose from providing you their ‘best rate’ which might make you confused if you’re familiar with wedding photography or photography, to say the least.

As every human is unique so is every wedding photographer and cinematographer, everyone has their own style and method of approaching and capturing the wedding day and similarly everyone not that efficient as they might claim to be.

Photography and cinematography is an expensive hobby and profession, you have constantly keep on upgrading your pieces of equipment, learn and keep on experimenting to have an extra edge.

But with the influx of very affordable DSLRs and an option to rent any camera you want, has given an opportunity to many amateur photographers claim the title of professional wedding photographer and filmers without having in-depth knowledge about the business and ethics of the industry.

Over the past 3 years I have seen many horror stories where photographers didn’t show up, asked for more money or to make matters worse – did not deliver the images even after 1 year after the day of the wedding and that too by very well known photographers of metro cities.

There have been many situations where clients are not satisfied with the images and saymazaa nahi aaya which is very abstract and humiliating when you’ve invested so much time and effort in capturing and making their day beautiful.So you need to have clarity about what style and method of photography and film you’re looking to have from your wedding, you cannot expect a Bollywood style wedding film from a team which specializes in slow-romantic themed wedding films. Everyone has their own taste and expertise and if we try to force them into doing something else, the results are generally not so good – to say the least.


So you might be asking, how can trust someone with the biggest day of my life?

That’s a valid question, how do you trust and chose someone to capture the biggest day of your life when this is highly unorganized and literally has no governing body which regulates this industry like we have in Bollywood Film industry.

These are few tips which will help you choose the right team for your wedding day


Typically couple spends around 10-15% of their wedding budget on photography and video coverage but if photography and cinematography matters to you then you should reconsider and try to increase the budget if its possible for you.

If you can purchase a 40k lehenga for your wedding which you wear once, adding another 20-30% to your wedding photography and cinematography budget won’t hurt much isn’t it? It will be an asset and hall of memories for generations to come.

Even if you don’t invest much into decorations and catering and get a skilled photographer and cinematographer, they definitely would be able to capture the beauty and moments which really doesn’t depend much on decorations or number of food items in the menu.Photographers love working in these situations where they can improvise and create amazing images and films.

I hope this article was useful and informative for you, always remember food and decorations will be digested and dismantled the next day but if your images and video is not taken care of properly might haunt your three generation and if chosen properly, can give you nostalgic goosebumps when you see them.

Technically every photo clicked at any wedding event has a lifetime of around 90 years ( 30 years from each generation)

That’s quite a risk and responsibility.

Best of luck for your big day, don’t be stress and enjoy your wedding and remember: keep smiling!

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  1. Simone April 29, 2018 at 6:46 pm

    Great article, useful content for professionals and clients as well.
    This is a slap in the face for so called photographers flooding the market with cheap unprofessional services.

  2. Shreya May 9, 2018 at 10:22 am

    Nice article,thanks for sharing


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